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The secret to make money online

The secret to make money online

Internet market boom created a tool to enrich a lot of people in the virtual world. However rich opportunities often come to those who seize the opportunity and understand the secret of e-commerce business.

- The rather successful online business said: "You must not admit defeat. I know that you have read and know about these people making money online. I know that you've tried to work it. But, you should not give up yet. I have a plan to help you earn at least some money through the Internet, and I will give you that right now.

This is the formula to make money on my short: Basically, you have to discover this week, people use Google to search for something more? Then select one of the ones that they find and quickly launched an e-book, e-report, or even radio and electronics related issues. Put it on the internet and start making money through it. Give a copy on eBay. All that 's all.

Here's how the 5 simple steps:

1. website and find out the current people search the most problems.

2. Choose one of the issues that you feel curious excitement.

3. Research issues on the network, then carefully compiled information on the subject. This will be your electronic products. Please intellectual investment. Development issues people usually consider when looking for on the topic (How to create e-books quickly see at website

4. Then quickly put up a website and sell advertising. You can open at (a site here for only $ 14.95 a year).

5. Post a copy on eBay will place information about your products to millions of people.

In short, you're riding the wave of public interest trends.

This is the true secret to make money has been tested. For example, in Easter, a friend showed me the book content with nothing but questions and answers about the movie "Passion of the Lord Jesus" (The Passion of The Christ). The book is compiled from a variety of data. However, because it relates to the film of the book Mel Gibson should have been sold and authors benefit from the TV and radio stations across the country.

You can also do this. You simply need to create a few problems related to the current popular search and use the steps above to start selling their products.

In one week in April 2004, one of the leading search "IRS". Obviously if you have information to help those who need to learn about the IRS, you can take advantage of it to make money. But if you do not have any information, you can make it out there, find a new aspect of the product and launch your own IRS.

In another week, the name "Elisha Cuthbert" reached the 10 most searched item on the net. You can collect a directory of all the pages with photos of the actress, her collection of quotes, or you can write a cookery book of Elisha Cuthbert, makeup tips guide , a comic book, or whatever, based on the search for your site. Or you can do the opposite, writing a number of names such as: Why do I hate Elisha Cuthbert? (Canadian actress). (I did not do so. I think she is a famous actress on the TV show 24 and heard she was quite pleasant). You can also sparked anger and create a campaign called Elisha Cuthbert presidential race (Elisha Cuthbert for President). Your website can sell e-book with Elisha content is a presidential candidate.

Not everyone reading this article will follow the above formula, but those who apply it has a chance to earn a lot of money quickly. Will you become one of them.

7 days money online plans of:

- An online business also revealed how his money. He said: "In just 7 days, you can make money with a simple plan, step by step as follows:

The first day:

Find an affiliate program meets the following criteria:

Topic you really care

Proven sales process


Company reputation

Sign up with affiliate programs.

You can buy products using the new affiliate membership.

The second day

Sign up autoresponder service. I suggest using the site because you will get a huge list and this company allows you to free advertising and can control. You will soon know why it is so important. The cost is $ 19.95 a month.

Write two ads. A classified ads for affiliate products (5 - 10 lines) and an ad for electronic journals (which are longer and more like a small sales letter). Some affiliate programs will have samples for you. Consult our ads ( / affiliate). It would be ideal if you do. However, it is not necessary. When writing your ad, be sure to make a call to activate the new address automatically answer your affiliate link for your new program. This is important because you need to get the names of the interested prospects and continue to pay attention to them.

Write the following three strings for your auto responder address. First string should only stop in the introduction to the people some of the highlights of the product and put it on your affiliate link. Two series followed by the prompt people to check your affiliate recommendations. If you want to start selling, you need to make a special free bonus. This is a huge motivation. You can donate the free books, software or other similar things.

On the third day

Go to a list of e-journals and find the best places to post ads. If the list of e-zine Pay as ( / wow), you will lose $ 39.95.

See the registration form if possible, and the form of your choice. There is a problem arises: Is it possible to have several e-magazine advertising consent for you, so you are interested in this topic. In that case, you look at your inbox to see if you read electronic magazines. Remember, you want the e-magazine with good content, is not something that one can only be deleted. And if you are already a subscriber, you must know how important the first place.

according to your budget, run a classified ad or a single ad if any. Use the code automated monitoring of response to each ad you post (can use At the same time, if the affiliate program have the ability to monitor, you can use the same code in the next step. Or simply register several accounts linked to monitor different ads. This is especially important to know that if you make money or lose money.

Please register at least one ad.

On Wednesday

Return to your bookmarks and see the discussion groups you've joined. Stop it and concentrate how to comment on this topic (note that I did not say "sign advertising"). Be in a position to answer all the questions posted. When you answer questions, common forum will give you the opportunity to put up a link. That's where you put your affiliate links.

Note that you should proceed before posting, because you do not want to spam the forum with miscellaneous ads.

On Thursday

If your ad is active, you can see the relationship gradually appear. It's a great incentive, but only through the sale of goods for the new list when they click on the auto responder.

If you start to notice an emerging money they invest. Do not let cost. Find other places to put the e-zine advertising. You should consider many ads or upgrade the classified ads in a single ad.

On Friday

Another 2 or 4 newsletters in your auto responder chain, about 10 days apart. These newsletters can be authenticated, in addition to other products. At the same time, you should add 1 or 2 series content. The content can be articles free with your affiliate links.

On Saturday

Now you have a list of hundreds of prospects. You should start researching additional products that you can validate or right. Then, you send an email directly to your website, you can start building this site right now.

29 years old, Yanik Silver is considered a leading expert in the design of the site to make money automatically. He is the author and publisher of many books and marketing tools, such as:
Yanik specializes in creating power systems and resources to enhance business capabilities. When he left office, Yanik enjoys playing beach volleyball, skiing and playing golf on the computer.


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