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"Turret Legend" is the 2014 Global Chinese are the most popular mobile games, has more than 40 million global download times.120,000 kinds hero combination, either you with; 2014 referendum will play mobile games, download immediately subvert your hero world! More exciting activities, see the game announcements and fan group messages. Limited opportunities to play first-come, oh!
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[Game Description]
"Turret Legend" is the 2014 Global Chinese popular mobile games. Previous PC Game, Online Game only see the resulting large-scale strategy game, to become a classic masterpiece on the mobile device screen. Game background not only recruited a mythical hero around the world as a feature essence of the subject matter, will be the classic strategy, manual fine operation into one. Players in Ao Tour "turret Legend" world must fathom all heroes with special skills, equipment, props assigned both to the success of the Raiders copy all kinds of challenging tasks!

[Game Features]
Domestic delicate style X gorgeous voice actors!
Come game Winking art team, well-known painter XQ ... high-specification production, but also invited artists and well-known cartoon star voice actors dubbing voice system tailored for a hero, you can enjoy the fun with a rich voice, while at play and a wide range KUSO words.
Q version of the war hero myth up X for me to rewrite!
"Turret Legend" the most prominent feature, the game has collected hundreds of legendary mythical hero, to accompany the players throughout the Uncharted adventure. These heroes as a "turret legend" the core of the game features, naturally has an extraordinary story and skills. Players who want to enjoy the turret world, we must understand the various heroes of space-time background characteristics which make good use of their respective skills with meaningful moves to Off Off Off Off sad too Oh! !
Exquisite micro motion picture X visit the battlefield Shi zoom trick!
"Turret Legend" in addition to a detailed characterization of the various mythical hero skill effects, but in the role of micro-expressions, the animation module costs are costing billions of carefully crafted. Game screen heroes, whether walking, running or waving small equipment, props, etc., everywhere can be reflected in its fine 3D graphics design, lead your heroes get past each level, Arena showdown with other players; all need your finger action, and bid farewell to those who have no brain to run the screen game.
Means breaking the enemy's move put the skills to turn the tables X is not a dream!
Manually put the skills is no longer enough to read! Can interrupt the enemy moves to win the game is played with a combination of team skills, is the players who should pursue quality of the game. "Turret Legend" Another major feature of the game is to keep data on the barrier fun players of the game. In the world turrets, players combat force value only as a reference, rather than absolute synonymous battlefield victory. Then manually cast skills through spotted the enemy situation, even fighting force qualitative weaker players can change the whole situation, one stroke to win the game!

[Proposed] system support equipment: Samsung, HTC, Sony, millet and other brands and models Operating System: Android 2.2 and above memory configurations: 1G or more is recommended. Storage space: 500MB recommended remaining space reserved

According Game Software Rating Regulations, this software, supplemented by 12: people over the age of 12 may only use.
This game is free to use, another offer to buy virtual game items and other paid services within the game.

Fan Page:
return channel:
Service Phone: (02) 8913-1310 8913-1320
Customer Service Line: lemondota


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