Thursday, December 4, 2014

Foodpanda ando


Type in, select, and enjoy delicious meals from the restaurant area of
you with foodpanda, food distribution services for every home. One application, a resource
Terms, 20+ countries! And everything is FREE!
Whether you like Pizza, Bread, Sushi, Italian, Vegetarian food, Japanese food or other types of moisture
Other real popular. Make sure you have a meal delivered quickly, hot
and delicious when ordering via the free application of foodpanda. Already in India,
Russia, Brazil, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Pakistan and Taiwan and many countries
others (see list below).
* SAVE using the promotion and our exclusive voucher
* ORDER FOOD COMBINATION sauce and spices such women are directly engaged in the
* ENSURE SAFETY OF PAYMENT Payment is simple and safe after delivery
or consignee.
* EASY TO REDUCE Foodpanda will store your address (housing, offices, etc.)
the following process is faster.
* STORAGE the order, Foodpanda will save your ordering history for bets
the following items.
* MANY CHOICES ordering online from 100 restaurants in your area.
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1. Enter your address.
2. Pick a restaurant and your favorite dish.
3. Choose fresh food delivered to your home.
Get restaurant and enjoy your dishes
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FOODPANDA were present at:
Asia - Pacific: Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan,
Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan
Europe: Russia, Poland, Australia-krai-na, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia,
Bul-Hungary, Croatia, Serbia
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Store, if you need help or consultation, please contact us at chỉ We are happy to help you. Be constantly updated nhatFacebook ( / foodpandahellofood) and Twitter (@ foodpandaglobal) of chungtoi offline.


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